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Russian Blue Cat Breed Information Guide

Russian Blue Cat Breed Picture

All About Russian Blue Cats and Kittens

What is the history of the Russian Blue Cat Breed and where do they come from originally?

The Russian Blue is a natural breed and its origin is Russia. Northern Russia, Archangel Isle. After WW 2 the Russian blue breed needed to be restored, so some breeders used different blue cats to help save the breed, such as the British short hair and the Blue Point Siamese. Every now and then if both parents carry the pointed gene you will get a pointed kitten. It’s a white Russian with blue eyes.

How long do Russian Blue cats usually live, and is there any advice you can offer with regard to keeping a kitten healthy, and ensuring the longest life possible?

A Russian Blue can live up to 20 years with good care from their owner. This means regular vet check ups and the best food and lots of love. I find this breed to be very hardy.

What do Russian Blue Cats Look Like?

The Russian Blue is like no other breed of cat. It is blue in color (not gray) and it looks like it was sprinkled with powder sugar. The each hair is tipped in silver. The eye color is green – a deep, deep green. When they are a kitten, their eyes are outlined in yellow with green in the center, but as they become older the eye color should be solid green.

The Russian Blue has a long, muscular body with fine bones. It’s legs are long and slender with fine bones. He has a double coat that is short, thick and luxurious. No other cat has a coat like the Russian Blue. The shape of the fingers will hold in the Russian Blue’s coat and they are run through it. He should be hand groomed daily.

Are there size variations?

The males are some what larger than the females…..

Height: 9” to 10”

Weight: 8 to 9 lbs

What is the average cost or price range for a Russian Blue kitten?

Varies, depending on what a person is looking for in that breed. Pet, Show, Breeder/Show And then what part of the country and the cattery it is coming from. Usually anywhere from $850 to $2500.

What colors are found in the breed?

The Russian Blue is seen in only one variety, blue. It is preferred that they be in the lighter shades of blue with no other markings. The silver tipping gives him a beautiful, silvery shine.

Are there different coat types?


How intensive are Russian Blue grooming requirements?

This breed is very easy to take care of. It has short hair, so grooming is just occasional bathing and a good combing. I bathe my cats once a month and comb once a week.

What is the personality and temperament of the Russian Blue Cat like?

Russian Blues are known for being shy cats, but, I have to say at home they are wonderful. You could not find a better pet. They love to be with you and they are lap cats. This isn’t true of every Russian Blue, but you find that in all breeds. This is a breed that will be with you forever – so loving and devoted!

Do Russian Blue cats like children?

They are great with children but you can have that one that doesn’t like little people. But then again you can find that in every breed.

Would this be a good choice for seniors or handicapped people?

The Russian Blue is a very good choice for anyone,you have to make sure that its the right choice for you!

Do Russian Blue cats get along well with other pets?

My Russians get along with my other cats just fine. I have had a couple that did not like the others, but they learn to stay out of their way.

Do they need a lot of exercise?

All animals need exercise,but cats or Russians need room to run and play.

Do they need a lot of space?

Enough to run and play…

What health problems are common in the Russian Blue cat breed, and what testing should be done to prevent them?

I have to be honest – I have had no health problems with my Russians but, I have heard that there are some that have heart problems. The best thing to do is to have your cat tested and regular vet checks. But as far as common health problems go, there really aren’t any.

Are there any special requirements or can you offer any advice for caring for a Russian Blue kitten?

As I stated above your kitten should have regular vet checks, all shots and a good diet. Of course, lots of love, too!!

Finally, if you could choose the perfect owner for one of your Russian Blue kittens, what would they be like?

Like Caring. Loving. Putting the welfare of the cat/kitten first. Remember… we picked them. Cats are like are children. I know when mine don’t feel good. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for my babies.

This is a tame and loving cat who is loyal to his family. He is playful, gets along well with children, and other pets. He is quite smart, will fetch and even open doors.

Our thanks to Barbara Lydiate of Catera Blue Cattery for providing us with this insightful look at the Russian Blue cat breed. If you would like to learn more about Barbara and her wonderful Russian Blue cats and kittens please visit her website at

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