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Virgo cat Horoscopes
The Virgo Cat

As a Virgo Cat, let me tell you, we are the connoisseurs of cleanliness, the sultans of sanitation, the…well, you get the point. Ever seen a cat lick itself for what seems like hours on end? That’s us, but with a touch more OCD.

You think your human Virgo friends are neat freaks? Try living with one of us! We can’t stand a single hair out of place. We are the ones who’ve turned the casual tail flick into an art form – a meticulous, calculated, perfectly executed art form.

And let’s talk about perfection. We Virgo Cats are the epitome of finickiness. We turn our noses up at the slightest imperfection. That kibble that’s just a smidge too crunchy? Unacceptable. That cozy bed placed half an inch too far from the radiator? An utter disaster.

Our need for perfection might drive you humans mad, but trust me, it’s even more maddening being this fabulous all the time. But hey, someone’s got to do it. Might as well be the ones with the most refined tastes and the sharpest claws.

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