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Photo of a cornish rex cat

Photo of a cornish rex catWelcome to the Cornish Rex Corner, a whimsical wonderland in our cozy Cats and Kittens Central! Here, we celebrate the quirks and charms of one of the most distinctive members of the feline family – the Cornish Rex cats. If your curiosity is as piqued as a Cornish Rex’s at a laser pointer, then you’re in for a treat!

Why visit this section, you ask? Well, let’s begin with the obvious. Have you ever seen a Cornish Rex? They’re the Shirley Temples of the cat world, with their tightly coiled, curly coats that invite you to reach out and touch them. But remember, your screen doesn’t support 3D touch (yet!).

Our Cornish Rex section is a comprehensive compendium of all things related to this breed. We’ve got the lowdown on their origin story. Spoiler alert: it features a romantic barn in Cornwall, England, and a litter of kittens with a genetic twist. Intrigued? You should be!

Next, we delve into the personality traits of these playful and affectionate creatures. Imagine a cat who thinks he’s a dog and a monkey and a parrot, all rolled into one. That’s a Cornish Rex for you! Learn all about their playful antics, their love for heights, and their uncanny ability to mimic your actions. They’re not just cats, they’re tiny, furry comedians!

We haven’t forgotten about the serious stuff either. We provide you with expert advice on Cornish Rex health issues, grooming tips (those curls don’t maintain themselves), and dietary requirements. Plus, we’ve got heartwarming stories from Cornish Rex owners who share their experiences and insights.

So, whether you’re a Cornish Rex enthusiast, a potential cat parent, or just someone who can’t resist the allure of a cat with curls, this is the place to be. It’s like a feline version of Netflix – you won’t know where to start, and you might end up spending the whole day here!

So come on in, explore the curly, twirly world of Cornish Rex cat sat Cats and Kittens Central. It’s a cat-tastic adventure that will leave you purring for more!

The Quirky, Curly Cornish Rex: Your Ultimate Feline Comrade


The Cornish Rex, the curly-coated clown of the cat world, hails from Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, England, where the first known Rex was born in a litter of barn cats in 1950. This kitten, named Kallibunker, sported an unusual coat of tight curls, unlike his littermates. The owner, Nina Ennismore, recognizing the uniqueness of Kallibunker, consulted a British geneticist who determined that Kallibunker’s curls were the result of a spontaneous mutation. Ennismore thus initiated a breeding program with Kallibunker and his relatives, and voilà, the Cornish Rex breed was born!


Photo of a cornish rex catThe Cornish Rex is a sight to behold, with its wavy, lamb-like coat that falls in marcel waves, a slender body with an arched back, and bat-like ears atop a playful face. Its coat, which is made up entirely of soft underfur, feels like crushed velvet to the touch. This breed comes in a variety of colors and patterns, but it’s the unique texture of their coat that really sets them apart. Their slender bodies are surprisingly muscular and agile, perfectly designed for high jumps and fast runs.


These cats are life’s jesters, full of fun and frolic. They love to play, jump and explore. You’ll often find them perched on top of doors or bookshelves, surveying their kingdom. If you’re looking for a quiet cat to sit decoratively on your couch, the Cornish Rex is definitely not it. But if you want a feline friend who will make you laugh, keep you on your toes, and warmly cuddle up to you at the end of a busy day, then a Cornish Rex might just be your purr-fect match.


Cornish Rex cats are known to have a healthy appetite. These cats have a high metabolism, so they need more food than the average cat. Premium cat food, either dry or wet, that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates is recommended. Treats should be given sparingly to avoid obesity. It’s always a good idea to consult with your vet about your cat’s dietary needs, as they can vary based on factors such as age, size, and activity level.


Despite their fancy fur, Cornish Rex cats are low-maintenance when it comes to grooming. Their short, fine hair doesn’t shed much, and they don’t have the outer layer of fur that most cats do, which means less dander and fewer hairballs. A gentle weekly brushing is generally enough to keep their coat looking its best. Their large ears, however, do require regular cleaning to prevent wax buildup.

Care Requirements:

Given their lack of a thick fur coat, Cornish Rex cats are prone to feeling cold, so they’ll appreciate a warm bed or heated pad in cooler weather. They are an indoor breed and should not be left outside, as they can easily catch a chill. This breed is also prone to obesity due to their voracious appetite, so portion control and regular exercise are important.

Health Concerns:

Generally, Cornish Rex cats are healthy, but they are prone to certain genetic health problems, including hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and patellar luxation. Regular veterinary checkups and a balanced diet can help keep these issues at bay. Also, be aware that their lack of fur makes them more susceptible to skin problems, such as sunburn and fungal infections.

Finding and Choosing a Kitten:

When selecting a Cornish Rex kitten, ensure you choose a reputable breeder who tests for health problems. A good breeder will provide a health guarantee and ensure that kittens are well-socialized and vaccinated before they go to their new homes. When you meet the kittens, look for one that is active, playful, and curious – all signs of a healthy Cornish Rex.

Is This the Cat Breed for Me?:

Photo of a cornish rex cat
If you want a quiet, aloof cat, then the Cornish Rex is not for you. But if you’re after a lively, affectionate, and playful companion who will provide endless entertainment, then look no further. They are great with children and other pets and have a loving and outgoing nature.

Further Reading:

For more information on the Cornish Rex, check out the Cat Fanciers’ Association and The International Cat Association websites. Both offer detailed breed profiles, as well as tips on care and grooming.

The Cornish Rex is a unique breed with its curly coat, playful personality, and loving nature. They are the jesters of the cat world, always ready to play and explore. With their easy-care coat and outgoing personality, they make wonderful pets for those willing to engage with their playful antics. So, are you ready for a life full of laughter and love with a Cornish Rex cat?





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