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Photo of a purebred cat reading about different cat breeds a to z

Thinking about adding a new cat to your family? Cat and Kitten Central is pleased to provide the following cat breed information guides to assist you in finding the perfect breed of cat for your family. Listing cat breeds from A to Z,  each cat breed information guide includes a concise cat breed description and pictures of each different breed of cat.

Our cat breed information resource also offers profiles of purebred cats for adoption by owner, featured cat breeders offering kittens for sale, cat breed clubs, cat breed rescue, cat breed information and resource books for each breed of cat listed.

Cats Central’s Cat Breed Information Guide is an excellent resource for cat lovers interested in adopting a purebred cat or kitten.

We hope that you find your visit to be both entertaining and educational, and we wish you the best in your quest to find the right breed of cat for your family!

Top 20 Cat Breeds

1. Persian Cat
2. Himalayan
3. Siamese Cat
4. Bengal Cat
5. Maine Coon
6. Ragdoll Cat
7. Pixie Bob
8. Russian Blue
9. Manx Cat
10. Munchkin
11. Sphynx Cat
12. Abyssinian
13. Devon Rex
14. Birman Cat
15. Savannah Cat
16. Desert Lynx
17. Tonkinese Cat
18. Exotic Shorthair
19. Egyptian Mau
20. British Shorthair

Cat Breeds A to Z

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