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The Capricorn Cat

The Capricorn Cat

Capricorn Cats are, without a doubt, the CEOs of the feline zodiac world. They’re the ones you’ll find strutting around the house with a sense of dignity and purpose, as if they have a daily planner full of “important” meetings with their favorite toys, dust particles, and patches of sunlight.

They’re sticklers for a routine, which usually involves waking you up at the crack of dawn to serve breakfast. And don’t even think about changing their diet on a whim, they’ll look at the new gourmet cat food like it’s a pile of Brussels sprouts. They’re creatures of habit, and any disruption to their meticulously crafted schedule will result in a kitty coup d’etat.

The Capricorn Cat is practical to a fault. They’re the felines who, instead of chasing their own tails, will judge other cats for such frivolous actions. If there was a cat office, they would be the ones filing complaint letters to the management about the lack of order and discipline. They’re also quite ambitious, but not in the way you might think. Their ambition lies in finding the warmest spot in the house, the one with the best view of the bird feeder, or the top spot on the cat tree.

So, if you’re owned by a Capricorn Cat, prepare for a life of strict schedules, judgmental glares, and an overflowing sense of feline superiority. But, let’s be real, that’s just cat ownership in a nutshell!

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