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Tired of the same old “Fluffy”, “Boots”, “Mittens”, “Whiskers” and other unimaginative and boring cat names? If you are, imagine how your cat might feel saddled with such a mundane name. Cats Central has come to your rescue with the following list of unique, unusual and even kinda weird names for your furry pride and joy.


Japanese Cat Names

Whether you're naming a Japanese Bobtail, or just like the idea of giving your new cat or kitten an exotic Japanese pet name, our list of Japanese themed pet cat names is sure to give you some great ideas on coming up with a unique and fitting name for your feline friend!
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Irish Cat Names

Straight from the Blarney Stone to your browser window comes this exhaustive list of Irish names you can give to your new cat or kitten. Whether you're trying to find a fitting name for your new Manx cat or kitten, you're Irish and proud of it, or just love the Celtic sound of irish pet names, this Irish cat names guide is sure to help you find just the right unique name for your new cat or kitten.
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French Cat Names A to Z

Straight from Gay "Purr-eee" to your browser window, we're pleased to bring you a wonderful list of pet names with real French Flair! The French have some very unique names for their pets, and we've compiled this list of authentic French pet names to help you choose just the right "nom de plume" for your "petit chat"!
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