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About the LaPerm Cat Breed

What do these unique felines look like? The fur is the characteristic which sets the LaPerm cat apart. Ringlet-type curls cover the entire cat. The tightest curls occur on the underside and base of the ears, with a curly, plumed tail.

The curl ranges from tight ringlets to long, corkscrew curls. It is soft in texture, but each cat’s coat is distinctly unique. Some LaPerm kittens are born hairless, but most have short, wavy hair at birth. Often, the tops of their heads will be bald during the first four months or so. They can also be born with wavy hair and then lose it. For the first six months, it’s pretty much a guessing game.

The LaPerm cat breed is “low maintenance”, requiring minimum grooming because the coat does not easily mat. LaPerms’ curls hold the hair, much like that of the Poodle, so shedding is minimal. Bath and towel drying is all that is required to maintain the curl. Blow drying tends to make the hair frizz. After the coat is totally dry, spritzing with a fine mist of plain water works well to achieve even more curl.

The coat on both the short and long-haired varieties may vary in length and fullness depending upon the season and the maturity of the cat. Both males and females have a full ruff on the neck at maturity.

The face and head of the LaPerm are triangular in shape with wide-set ears and large, expressive eyes. They even boast a splendid set of curly whiskers. Their legs are elongated in proportion to their small-to-medium-sized bodies. Males tend to weigh about 7-12 pounds while females grow to be 5 to 6 pounds. Although the look of each kitten varies, one thing always remains the same: the great personality of this new breed. Even the occasional straight-haired kitten is blessed with it, which makes finding good homes for them very easy.

LaPerm cats are very gentle and affectionate. They seek human contact and purr as soon as they become aware of your presence. These cats are face lovers; they will reach for your face with their paws and rub their faces against your head, neck and face. LaPerm cats love being kissed and will kiss back. They beg to be held, drooped over a shoulder or cradled in your arms while resting on their backs.

LaPerm cats are inquisitive in nature, always wanting to know what is going on around them. Kittens have been known to stop nursing and seek out the source of a human voice even before their eyes are open. They are generally quiet-voiced but may be vocal when wanting attention. Being a working cat on the farm, they are excellent hunters, as well as gentle companions. LaPerm cats adapt well to apartment living because of their strong bonding instincts.

LaPerm Cats

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