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Leo Cat Horoscopes

The Leo Cat

Leo Cats, much like their human counterparts, are the undisputed monarchs of their home kingdom.

They are regal, majestic, and have a sense of entitlement that would rival Queen Elizabeth herself. Don’t you dare forget to bow when you enter their room!

They are the feline epitome of “If I fits, I sits,” which in their case is anywhere and everywhere – including your laptop when you’re working or that single piece of black clothing in a pile of whites. Their royal decree? Petting on demand! But remember, not too much. A king or queen can only tolerate so much adoration.

These fabulous felines are incredibly affectionate, but on their terms. If you’re worthy, you may be graced with their snuggles and purrs, which are as warm as the sun they’re ruled by.

However, don’t be fooled by the cuddles, they are also the ultimate tricksters and drama queens. One minute they’re docile and loving, and the next, they’re reenacting a scene from “The Lion King” on your curtains.

They love the limelight and are natural performers, often taking the ‘play’ in ‘playful’ to Oscar-winning heights. Indeed, Leo Cats will keep you on your toes, and life will never be boring with these royal jesters around.

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