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Scorpio cat

The Scorpio Cat

As a Scorpio Cat, your feline friend is the epitome of mystery and intrigue. They’ll spend hours staring pensively out of the window, probably contemplating the meaning of their ninth life or plotting their next cunning mouse ambush.

They’re the James Bond of the cat world – sleek, secretive and often found in high places, probably because it’s the perfect vantage point for world domination. If they suddenly disappear, don’t fret – they’re likely just having an impromptu stakeout in the linen closet.

Scorpio Cats are fiercely independent and will definitely let you know when they need their space, which is most of the time. They’re not the type to be swayed by a simple can of tuna – they prefer the thrill of the hunt.

Their loyalty cannot be bought, only earned, so don’t be disheartened if they seem aloof. They’re just busy being the brooding anti-hero of their own thrilling cat saga. But don’t worry, they’ll still grace you with a purr or a slow blink now and then – their version of a red carpet event. They’re the enigmatic, brooding stars of the show and they know it.

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