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Aquarius Cat Horoscopes

The Aquarius Cat

Born under the Aquarius sign, these cats are the true rebels and eccentrics of the feline zodiac. They are the ones who will attempt to take a casual dip in your fish tank, and then look at you in utter bewilderment when you have the audacity to stop them. Their curiosity is matched only by their unpredictability.

Much like their human counterparts, they enjoy being different and will often go out of their way to prove it. If there’s a box, they’ll choose the bag. If there’s a cushioned bed, they’ll opt for the hard floor. They are the non-conformists of the cat world, and they wear that title with pride, or as much pride as a cat can show without it infringing on their aloof nature.

Aquarius cats are also social butterflies. If there’s a party, they’re the life of it. They won’t hesitate to walk straight up to a new guest, sniff them, and promptly ignore them for the rest of the night. These cats are also known for their intelligence, although they often use it in ways that leave their owners scratching their heads in confusion.

They’re the type to figure out how to open the treat cupboard, but then get their head stuck in the jar. But, hey, that’s just an Aquarius cat for you, always living on the edge, exploring new frontiers and boldly going where no cat has gone before… like the top of the fridge.

Their quirky, independent, and adventurous spirit is what makes them so endearing, even when they’re causing all sorts of trouble.

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