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How To Clean Your Cats Ears

Probably the one and only place your cat doesn't cleanse itself, is inside its ears. Though I'm sure if they could wash their own ears, they would. Notice I said your cat's ears. Reason? For many cats, the last thing…

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How To Find a Lost Cat or Kitten

Checklist for Finding Your Lost Cat or Kitten: Search your house carefully to make sure the cat isn’t hiding in a closet or in an obscure place. Don’t forget to search on top of your house as well and in…

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Vomiting in Cats

All About Hairballs in Cats Hairballs are common in cats, who are fastidious groomers. Loose and dead hair is swallowed and normally passes through the digestive tract. Some cat hair may collect in the stomach, especially if your cat has…

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