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Cancer Cat

The Cancer Feline

Cancer Feline cats are notorious homebodies, much like their human Cancer counterparts, except they won’t even step out for a midweek karaoke night. They are notorious for their love of comfort, often making a cozy nest out of your freshly laundered clothes and looking at you with an offended glare if you dare to move them.

They are also fiercely protective of their territory and will hiss at anything from the neighbor’s dog to a suspicious-looking leaf floating past the window, demonstrating their warrior-like spirit, and let’s not forget, their slightly dramatic side.

Cancer Feline cats are also incredibly intuitive, they possess the natural ability to sense your emotions, which often leads to them conveniently disappearing when you decide it’s time for a vet visit.

They have a peculiar fondness for water, unlike most of their feline brethren. Don’t be surprised if you find them lounging in the sink or insistently pawing at your running shower, exhibiting their adventurous water sign traits.

Lastly, they are loyal to their chosen humans, often appearing aloof to strangers but revealing their soft, purring, affectionate side to their favorite humans only. So if a Cancer Feline cat chooses you, consider yourself part of an exclusive club.

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