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Libra Cat Horoscopes

The Libra Cat

The Libra Cat, like its human counterpart, is all about balance – but in their case, it’s mostly about perfecting the delicate art of balancing on top of your most expensive furniture.

They are the yoga masters of the feline world, displaying an uncanny ability to find tranquility in the most precarious positions. They are the cat you will find precariously perched on your antique chandelier, casually licking their paws, while you hyperventilate on the floor below.

The Libran feline is also a creature of harmony and hate conflict, unless of course, it involves a disagreement over the last piece of tuna. Then, they’ll gladly engage in a battle of hisses and swats.

The Libra Cat is charming and sociable, but don’t let this fool you. They don’t just want to be your friend, they want to be your only friend. These cats demand absolute allegiance and loyalty. If you bring home another pet, be prepared for an Oscar-worthy performance of the betrayed friend, complete with melodramatic sighs and reproachful stares.

They are also quite the aesthetes, with a strong preference for the finer things. If you’ve ever wondered why your cat prefers to nap on your cashmere sweater instead of their designated cat bed, it’s probably because they’re a Libra.

They have an innate ability to seek out the most expensive item in the room and claim it as their own. So, if you’re missing a Swarovski crystal earring, you know who to blame.

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