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All About the Peterbald Cat Breed

Peterbald cats are graceful cats of oriental type which appear to be hairless (although they are not truly hairless).

Peterbald Cat History

At first the Peterbald breed was called the Don Sphynx, but after it was discovered, that this cat was totally different from the Sphynx, the name was changed to the Don Hairless. In 1993 a very oriental looking brown mackerel tabby Don Hairless male, was mated to a tortie Oriental female. These oriental type hairless cats were called Peterbalds.

Peterbald Cat Description

The Peterbald cat has firm, fine bones and elongated body and feet, with delicate, elastic, warm “chamois” skin.

The skin is thin, soft, tender and fine, with pigmentation in hairless places, and with a “drawing” in the places with residual coat. The skin is wrinkled, easily moving along the body on the neck, under the feet and in the groin.

A fine down coat along the body is allowed, more furry, soft, fine coat is allowed on the ears, muzzle, tail and feet. The head is long, wedge-shaped, with flat, high cheek-bones and flat skull. It has an almost straight profile, with slightly noticeable angle from forehead to nose.

The Peterbald is a sturdy, lean cat with a high, long neck with running wrinkles. The body is long, muscular, cylindrical with deep groin line. The cat’s legs are long with firm, fine boning. The muzzle is strong and so is the chin – but not a protruding chin.

It has several vertical lines/wrinkles on the forehead which diverge before the ears nearly at right angles. The whiskers and eyebrows are wavy or broken off near the skin. The ears are large broad at the base, high on the head, straight set, following the line of the wedge, opening forward. Peterbald cats have straight vertical forelegs.

The paws are oval with long agile toes. Young cats have wavy coats on their feet and may have fine coat on the extremities until the age of two years. The Peterbald tail is long, straight, strong and whippy. Up to one inch of the tail tip may be covered with soft dense close lying wavy coat.

Peterbald Characteristics and Temperament

The Peterbald is a very friendly, outgoing, and very intelligent cat. Although they are outcrossed with Siamese they are not as noisy, and also more peaceful cats. A Peterbald cat loves his owner, and does not mind to make friends with strangers.

They are graceful cats, that get very well along with other animals in the house. Peterbald cats can easily stay in a small place like a flat, not like their blood brothers, the siamese, who are just too inquisitive to stay in one place.

Special Requirements

Although one might think that ths new breed will have lots of problems due to inbreeding etc, they are very strong, healthy cats. Peterbald cats are super cats to have as companion animals, with this extra bonus that they do not shed!

Peterbald Cats

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