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Welcome to Cats and Kittens Central. We have been a reliable online guide to information about cats and kittens since 1998. We are dedicated to providing accurate and entertaining resources for feline aficionados who want to provide their furry family member with the very best life. Whether you are looking at adding a new cat or kitten to the family, and want to do your homework to determine the best choice in a cat or kitten – or you are a seasoned cat lover looking for reviews on the best products and services for your kitty, we offer this growing online resource.

Our Feline Information Guide Includes:

Cute Kitten Playing With YarnKitten Information Resources

From how to prepare your home for a new kitten, to how to litter train the new addition, you’ll find tons of helpful information on kitten care.

Cat Adoption Resources

There are so many wonderful cats available for adoption in animal shelters throughout the country. If you are thinking of adding a new cat or kitten to the family, our cat adoptions guide can help you find out where to go, and how to choose your “purrfect” pet once you get there.

Cat Behavior

Cats are marvelous, mysterious creatures. If you have been wondering why cats do what they do, our online guide to cat behavior can provide you with plenty of answers.

Cat Care

Learn all about the different tasks that go hand in hand with cat ownership. From litter box maintenance to grooming, feeding and safety, our cat care information guide offers plenty of helpful tips and advice.

Cat Breeds Information

There are so many incredible purebred breeds of cat to choose from. We offer an easy to read and entertaining online guide to all the different breeds of feline, including links to reputable cat breeders offering healthy, home raised purebred kittens for sale. You can learn all about different cat breeds from a to z, and find the perfect kitten for your family right here on our pages.

Cat Health Information

A healthy cat is a happy cat. And while cats in general are very healthy and hearty creatures, there are a number of health issues that can affect your pet, particularly as they grow older. We offer helpful articles and information about cat health issues that are easy to understand. Whether you want to learn about keeping your cat healthy – or to find out more about a health problem your cat may be having, our information guide can help.

Cat Supplies and Products

With so many different brands and styles of cat food, litter, treats, toys, furniture, beds and other cat needs on the market, it can be daunting to know which to choose for your pet. We offer a growing section featuring cat product reviews to help you choose. You can also buy cat products right here on our website, saving money and time, with fast and very convenient home delivery.

Gifts For Cat Lovers

What do you buy for the cat lover with everything? We offer lots of suggestions for tasteful, meaningful presents to give that crazy cat lady (or man) in your life. Each item can be purchased right here on our website. You can even have your selection gift wrapped and shipped directly to your recipient.

Books For Cat Lovers

Our cat bookstore is brimming with titles about cats and kittens. From children’s literature and coloring books to fiction for cat lovers to cat owner manuals, there are so many quality books to choose from. Whether you are looking for traditional hardcover or paperback books – or you have pounced into the 21st century with all four paws and use a Kindle or e-book reader, our book store offers plenty.

Cat Pictures

Looking for cat pictures? We offer a growing gallery of photos of cats and kittens including captions. We have everything from photos of fat cats, cute kitten pics, beautiful cat breed images and funny cat pictures for your viewing pleasure. Our monthly cat photo contest invites our visitors to submit photos of their furry bundle of joy for all to admire. Each month, our visitors choose our “Cool Cat of the Month” – a title coveted by cats and kittens world wide.

Cat Videos

Let’s face it – some cat videos are better than others. Your online cat video viewing time is limited, so we help you cut to the chase by presenting only the very best cat and kitten videos available online. You’ll find really entertaining stuff to watch here on our pages – family friendly and plenty of fun.

Cat Services

Looking for a reliable pet sitter to care for your cat or kitten when you can’t be there? What about a highly recommended veterinarian specializing in cat care? A reputable local cat breeder you can trust to provide you with a healthy, well socialized purebred kitten? Or perhaps a local pet groomer that will treat your companion like royalty. Our growing cat services classified ads section offers profiles and reviews for local pet services catering to cat lovers. You can even suggest and review services that you have found in your area.

Cat Horoscopes

Winky the cat has been the Internet’s foremost feline psychic astrologer for more than 13 years. This highly intuitive and well fed feline is dedicated to helping you and your cat know what to expect in the coming days and weeks. Will Fluffy finally cough up that quarrelsome furball? Is Boots ever going to catch that elusive laser beam? The answers to these questions and more await you!

Cat Classified Ads

Looking to buy or sell used cat stuff in your area? Want to find local cats and kittens for adoption by owner? Our local cat classified ads section will connect you with other cat owners in your area.

Cat Memorial Tributes

Losing your cherished feline companion is one of life’s most difficult times. We offer a place where you can post a free memorial tribute to your kitty, along with photos. You’ll also find helpful resources on how to cope with the loss of a pet, a pet loss book store, and also products and services for pet bereavement.