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Feandrea Cat Tree with Litter Box – Ultimate 72.8″ Cat Condo Tower

Introducing the Feandrea Cat Tree with Litter Box Enclosure, a 2-in-1 Modern Cat Tower that blends seamlessly into your home decor while providing an ultimate playground for your feline friend. Standing at a majestic 72.8 inches, this heather greige UPCT116G01 model is not just a cat tree but a statement piece for cat owners who cherish both style and functionality. The design incorporates multiple levels for climbing, a cozy basket, snug caves, and a cleverly hidden litter box enclosure, ensuring that it meets the diverse needs of your cat’s lifestyle.

The cat tower’s sturdy construction and thoughtful design are evident in every detail. From the washable cushions that ensure easy cleaning to the strategically placed scratching posts that cater to your cat’s natural scratching instincts, this cat condo is designed to offer comfort, entertainment, and a sense of security. The neutral heather greige color complements a variety of interior designs, making it a perfect addition to any modern home.


  • Multi-Level Design: Offers various heights and spaces for climbing, playing, and relaxing.
  • Litter Box Enclosure: Seamlessly integrates a private space for your cat’s litter box needs.
  • Scratching Posts: Multiple scratching posts made from natural sisal rope to satisfy scratching urges.
  • Perch & Basket: A top perch and a cozy basket for lounging and surveying surroundings.
  • Washable Cushions: Easy-to-clean cushions for maintaining hygiene and comfort.
  • Sturdy Construction: Built to ensure stability and durability for energetic cats.
  • Spacious Caves: Provides private and secure spots for napping and hiding.
  • Heather Greige Color: Aesthetically pleasing color that fits various home decors.
  • Tall Structure: 72.8-inch height for cats that love to climb high.
  • Modern Design: Sleek and modern look that appeals to contemporary tastes.

10 Reasons Your Cat Will Love This Product

  1. Elevated Views: Cats love high vantage points, and the tall structure provides plenty.
  2. Privacy: The enclosed litter box and caves offer privacy for shy or nervous cats.
  3. Playful Engagement: Multiple levels and components encourage playful exploration.
  4. Comfort: Soft, washable cushions provide ultimate comfort during naps.
  5. Scratching Needs Met: Ample scratching posts help keep claws healthy and homes intact.
  6. Security: The sturdy build gives cats a sense of security while they play or rest.
  7. Variety of Activities: There’s something for every mood, from lounging to active play.
  8. Easy Accessibility: Suitable for cats of all ages and mobility levels.
  9. Stress Relief: A dedicated space for cats can reduce stress and anxiety.
  10. Part of the Family: Positioned in the living area, it allows cats to be close to their humans.

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Ready to transform your cat’s life and elevate your home’s style? Discover the joy and elegance of the Feandrea Cat Tree with Litter Box Enclosure! Your cat deserves a space that’s as unique and charming as they are. Don’t wait to give them the perfect blend of fun, comfort, and privacy.

Debbie Moore is a writer with a strong interest in cats and cat ownership. She is the creator of Cats and Kittens Central, and since 2005 has contributed numerous articles on cat care, cat health, cat behavior and many other topics related to our furry friends. Debbie has owned cats for the past 50 years.

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