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Sagittarius Cat Horoscope for February 2024

Hello, feline friends and devotees! This is Marley, your favorite psychic cat, here with another monthly dose of cosmic insight. February 2024 is shaping up to be a fascinating month for our fiery Sagittarius kitties, with the promise of unexpected catnip discoveries and a thrilling increase in laser pointer activity. Venus, the planet of affection, is going to be in retrograde, so you might find your human unusually attentive. Be prepared for an influx of chin scratches and belly rubs – always a purrfect situation!

This is also a fantastic month for your dreams of mastermousing. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, will be in your sign, increasing your hunting instincts. You’ll find yourself particularly agile, able to pounce on that elusive red dot or finally catch that taunting feather toy. Don’t let the sudden increase in your ninja-like skills go to your head, or you might find yourself stuck on top of the refrigerator again. Remember, gravity is a law, not a suggestion!

Now, onto the all-important lucky lottery numbers. This week, the stars are suggesting 4, 9, 15, 23, 27, and 32, with a bonus number of 18.

As for the purrfect toy, I recommend the SmartyKat Fish Friends Crinkle and Catnip Toy. It’s filled with catnip, crinkles, and has a texture that will keep your claws entertained for hours.

Don’t forget to send in your cat’s photos to  [email protected] for a chance to be featured as our Cat of the Month.

Remember, sharing is caring, so spread the word about our feline forecasts! Till next time, keep those tails high and those whiskers twitching!


Debbie Moore is a writer with a strong interest in cats and cat ownership. She is the creator of Cats and Kittens Central, and since 2005 has contributed numerous articles on cat care, cat health, cat behavior and many other topics related to our furry friends. Debbie has owned cats for the past 50 years.

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