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Adopt a Cat or Kitten Near You

At Cat Adoptions Central, we believe that every home should have a cat – and every cat should have a home. (And most cat lovers will agree with us!)  If you are new to the wonderful world of felines, our cat care and cat breed information sections will help you learn all about cats before bringing a fluffy friend into your home.

If you are ready to adopt a cat or kitten, you will find cats for adoption throughout the USA and Canada. Whether you want to adopt a purebred cat or kitten – or prefer to find a domestic tabby cat, black cat or other of “nature’s designer breeds”, there are many whiskered wonders to choose from.

We also help cat owners who need to rehome a cat find a safe, loving forever home for their beloved pet through our private cat rehoming services.

Thank you for visiting Cat Adoptions Central. Feel free to contact us with any comments or questions about our growing showcase of cats and kittens for adoption near you.

Adorable Tuxedo Tabby Kitten Photo

Cats and Kittens For Adoption USA and Canada

Alabama Cat Adoptions
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