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All About The Oriental Shorthair Cat Breed

Take the colorful personality and sinewy grace of the Siamese, and cross it with the unique characteristics of other popular cat breeds and what do you get? The delightful feline companion known as the Oriental Shorthair Cat!

These beautiful, graceful cats have the elegant, svelte Siamese body type and come in over 300 colors including solid, tabby, smoke, parti-colored and bi-color. A wedge-shaped head and great big beautiful ears give these adorable cats a true “Oriental” appearance.

Oriental cats are very gregarious! They love attention and can be counted on to help you out with all your daily tasks, from brushing your teeth to making the bed, and they love a good cat nap on your lap or nuzzling your chin. The short, sleek coat requires minimal grooming.

For those of you who are looking for a cat to love and a cat that you will love to look at – the Oriental Shorthair cat is an excellent choice. They make a wonderful addition to the family. They require a strict daily regimen of play, hugs and kisses!

Oriental Shorthair Cats

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