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Egyptian Mau Cat Breed Information Guide

All About Egyptian Mau Cats and Kittens

First introduced to North America in the 1960’s, the Egyptian Mau has been a cherished pet among Egyptians for eons, and has been clearly identified as one of the cats pictured in ancient Egyptian wall paintings. The direct descendants of ancient Egyptian cats, these gorgeous creatures are the only natural breed of domesticated spotted cat with a coat displaying random dark spots on a light background.

The coat comes in a variety of color variations; silver, bronze, smoke and black. Egyptian Maus have a beautiful, expressive face with incredible, large green eyes that lighten as the cat matures. Ancient Egyptians believed that the cat’s eyes are reflective at night because they contain the sun’s rays.  Egyptian Maus are very intelligent, and make wonderful pets, provided they are well socialized from an early age.  Grooming requirements are moderate.

Further Reading About Egyptian Maus:

Egyptian Maus Are the Best! (Best Cats Ever)

What’s that cat with the silky, spotted coat and pale green eyes? It’s the Egyptian mau! Egyptian maus are intelligent, loving, and loyal. Their owners think they are the best cats ever–and it’s easy to see why. If you’re an Egyptian mau fan, you’ll want to learn all about this breed, from its roots as a prized animal in ancient Egypt to how it came to the United States with a Russian princess. You’ll also want to find out how to care for the Egyptian mau. So check out this go-to guide for Egyptian mau lovers–and learn all about why Egyptian maus are the best breed there is!

List Price: $ 25.26
Price: $ 15.92

Egyptian Maus – Cats of the Pharoahs – 12-month Calendar 2013

Enjoy 12 months of Egyptian Mau pictures – kitten and adult – in this beautiful and adorable calendar.

It is 11×17 inches and bound with white o-rings for easy flipping.

Every photo features a silver female Mau. Watch this rare miniature snow leopard sleep, play, and pose in a variety of settings, and you’ll understand why ancient Egyptians worshipped her!

Egyptian maus are the only naturally spotted domestic cats. They are faster than all of their brethren and make chirps, purrs, clicks, and other sounds that you wouldn’t believe. They are now among the rarest of cats, but they were once the very first breed of domestic feline, cultivated and worshiped by the Pharoahs in ancient Egypt. Get a glimpse of their astonishing beauty in this calendar.

  • 12-month 2012 calendar of a silver female Egyptian Mau
  • High-quality, professional-level photographs of one of the world’s rarest domestic cats
  • Kitten and cat photos, in color and black white, in beautiful and seasonal settings!
  • 11×17 size and bound with white o-rings for easy flipping

Price: $ 19.99

Egyptian Mau Breed Profile (Your Cat Magazine Breed Profiles)

Compiled by Your Cat magazine (Britain’s best selling cat title), the Egyptian Mau Cat Breed Profile is simply a guide to the Egyptian Mau, including a fact file of all the important questions, plus character, health and a brief history of the breed.
Also included… a guide to choosing a pedigree cat, plus your kitten’s first few days at home – what to expect, how to settle him, the equipment you’ll need plus plenty of helpful advice.

List Price: $ 2.99

The Egyptian Mau’s children – story of the breed cat

With the invention of agriculture, the man left the nomadic state to become sedentary. But at the same time, he attracts rodents and cats with them. With the invention of the grain silo began the domestication of cats in Egypt, about 4000 years ago.

Tired of his god status, the Egyptian Mau has left the land of his ancestors to conquer the world. Alley cats and breed cats are all his worthy heirs.

This is the story of the most beautiful of the Egyptian Mau cat’s children, pedigree cats, that you’ll find in this book.

As a high level scientific graduate Didier HALLÉPÉE was not promised to feline life. The discovery of the noblest of cats, the home cat, put him on the way of breeding. His passion for the Egyptian Mau did not prevent him to mix with many breed and enjoy all such beautifulness.

This is this passion he shares with us today.


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