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Cornish Rex Cat Breed Information Guide

All About Cornish Rex Cats and Kittens

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Further Reading About Cornish Rexs:

The Guide to Owning a Cornish Rex Cat (RE 418)

The fascinating history of the Cornish Rex began with one curly kitten born to a normal-coated mother on July 21, 1950 in Cornwall, England. Since that lucky genetic surprise, these delightful, friendly cats with their large ears, soft, curly coats, and petite bodies have become popular with cat lovers all over the world. This guide covers all aspects of this wonderful breed, from adopting a kitten to showing Cornish Rex cats, making this book a perfect introduction to a unique feline with loads of personality.

List Price: $ 7.95
Price: $ 337.02

Cornish Rex Cat (Pet Love Series)

A detailed look at the Cornish Rex Cat.

Price: $ 7.90

Cornish Rex Kitten & Cat Care and Guide Book

You can have lots of fun learning and understanding about your Cornish Rex kitten and cat with this fun book to read! You can learn why your cat does some of the crazy little things they do, and why they do it. You will learn what is the best type of cat food to feed your cat is, and learn how to make sure your cat is eating the proper amount of food each day. You will learn how to trim your cat’s nails, and even how to potty train your cat. Learn how to make some toys your cat will just love! Learn about the different types of worms your cat can get, and learn what foods not to let your cat eat. Learn how to have more fun with your cat, and learn how to make sure they have a long and healthy life.

List Price: $ 9.99
Price: $ 9.99

Cornish Rex Breed Profile (Your Cat Magazine Breed Profiles)

Compiled by Your Cat magazine (Britain’s best selling cat title), the Cornish Rex Cat Breed Profile is simply a guide to the Cornish Rex, including a fact file of all the important questions, plus character, health and a brief history of the breed.
Also included… a guide to choosing a pedigree cat, plus your kitten’s first few days at home – what to expect, how to settle him, the equipment you’ll need plus plenty of helpful advice.

List Price: $ 2.99

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