Washington DC – Sweet Twins – Orange and Grey Tabby Cat Siblings For Adoption

Charlie and Mona are an adorable 3 year old pair of brother and sister Tuxedo Tabby Cats for adoption in Woodbridge VA, a short distance from Washington DC. They are both in very good health, fixed, fully vaccinated and micro-chipped.

Both are sweet, affectionate and playful – good with respectful children. They would be fine with cat-freindly cats and dogs. All supplies will be included. $40 adoption fee to rehome both cats together. Call or text (888) 720-3322 with any questions. Charlie and Mona can’t wait to meet you and purr their way into your heart.

All About Charlie and Mona – Tabby Tuxedo Cats For Adoption in Woodbridge VA

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Name of Pet: Charlie & Mona
Location: Woodbridge, VA, 22193
Type of Pet: Cat
Breed of Pet: Domestic short hair
Color / Coat Type: Orange Tabby Cat and Grey Tabby Cat
Age of Pet: three years
Size of Pet: 8 lbs.

Shealth Problems: no
Behavior Issues: No
Gets along with: Older Children, Adults, Dogs, Cats
Pet is: Spayed, Microchipped, Fully VAccinated, Litter Trained
Food: Other
EACH: Small amount of dry cat food at 7 AM. Half can of Friskies salmon shreds at 3 PM and again at 10 PM


Both cats were on Death Row at the county shelter. We adopted them as large Cats, together. Mona is the princess, with lovely green eyes. When she wants attention, she will touch me gently. If I don’t respond, she pokes me until I give up my chair. She hops on the warm chair, rolls onto her back and guides my hand to where she wants to be petted. After five minutes, she jumps down and walks away.

If workers come to the house, she hides underneath my bed quilt. Charlie is dignified. Charlie has golden eyes. He is all boy. Teenage boy, Likes to get up high, on shelves and tall furniture and look down. He chases Mona until she swats him. Charlie accepts petting for a few seconds then runs off. He is not a lap cat and does not like to be picked up. They often groom each other, and sleep curled together

I’m sad at giving them up. With Mona, especially, a real bond.

Why Are Mona and Charlie Being Rehomed?

My wife died a month ago. I’m selling the house and moving to a retirement place in California. I am 86 with spine problems.

How To Adopt Mona and Charlie

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Charlie and Mona – Tuxedo Tabby Cats For Adoption in Woodbridge VA

Mona and Charlie are a matched set of Orange Tabby and Grey Tabby Tuxedo cats for adoption in Woodbridge VA, near Washington DC and close to the following towns and cities:

20 miles to Washington, DC
56 miles to Baltimore, MD
Lake Ridge, VA
Lorton, VA
Dale City, VA
Montclair, VA
Newington, VA
West Springfield, VA
Burke, VA

Mount Vernon, VA
Springfield, VA
Franconia, VA
North Springfield, VA
Hybla Valley, VA
Fort Hunt, VA
Groveton, VA
Annandale, VA
River Bend Estates, VA
Marumsco Village, VA

Marumsco, VA
Harbor View, VA
Marumsco Hills, VA
Featherstone, VA
Occoquan, VA
Featherstone Shores, VA
Agnewville, VA
Gunston Sheights, VA
Colchester, VA
Marumsco Acres, VA
Bayside Park, VA


Awesome Orange Tabby Cat For Adoption in Waco Texas

Meet Hamilton – the most awesome Orange Tabby Cat for adoption in Waco, Texas! This very cute and affectionate male Tabby Cat is very healthy, fixed, and up to date on shots. He is so friendly and playful.


Questions about Hamilton? Please text or call the HAMILTON ADOPTION HOTLINE at (254) 870-6335 or email [email protected]. (more…)

Cape Elizabeth MA – Sweet Orange Tabby Cat For Adoption – Adopt Luna

Meet Luna Orange Tabby Cat For Adoption – Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Looking for an orange tabby cat for adoption in Maine? Meet Luna, a sweet and gentle purring machine looking for a loving new home. Luna is 3 years old and weighs 11 pounds. She is a real snuggler, and loves to spend time cuddled up in your lap, purring her heart out.

Luna is in very good health. This sweet orange tabby cat has been spayed, fully vaccinated and micro-chipped. She is a very well behaved and clean kitty, always using her litter box.

Luna is a very laid back cat. She is very good with children and dogs (so long as they are good with her!) She would be the ideal choice for a senior cat lover looking for a gentle, affectionate and attentive companion.

Why is This Orange Tabby Cat Being Placed For Adoption?

Luna’s owner loves her very much, but her circumstances have changed, and she must move in with her son, who is deathly allergic to cats. She is dearly hoping to find Luna a loving, forever home with cat lovers who will cherish her, and keep her safe, happy and healthy.


Adopt Luna the Orange Tabby Cat in Maine

This lovely young female orange tabby cat will be re-homed with veterinary records and any supplies her owner has on hand for her. Please offer Luna a loving home today.

$40 Adoption Fee – Supplies and Vet Records Included

Want to Adopt Luna? Contact our Maine Cat Rehoming Team today.

Text or call us toll free at (888) 720-3322

Luna is located in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, close to the following towns and cities in Maine:

South Portland, ME
Scarborough, ME
Portland, ME
Old Orchard Beach, ME
Westbrook, ME
Falmouth, ME
Saco, ME
Biddeford, ME
Gorham, ME
Yarmouth, ME

Buxton, ME
Freeport, ME
Kennebunk, ME
Standish, ME
Gray, ME
Pond Cove, ME
Elizabeth Park, ME
Delano Park, ME
Higgins Beach, ME
Cape Cottage, ME
Mountainview Park, ME
Stanwood Park, ME
Loveitts Field, ME

Pleasant Hill, ME
Meeting House Hill, ME
Rigby, ME
Broadview Park, ME
Cushing Island, ME
Knightville, ME
Willard Square, ME
Fort Levett, ME
South Portland, ME