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Abyssinian Cat Breed Information Guide

All About Abyssinian Cats and Kittens

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Further Reading About Abyssinians:

This Is the Abyssinian Cat

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Price: $ 21.90

Abyssinian Chronicles: A Novel

Like Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude, Moses Isegawa’s Abyssinian Chronicles tells a riveting story of twentieth-century Africa that is passionate in vision and breathtaking in scope.

At the center of this unforgettable tale is Mugezi, a young man who manages to make it through the hellish reign of Idi Amin and experiences firsthand the most crushing aspects of Ugandan society: he withstands his distant father’s oppression and his mother’s cruelty in the name of Catholic zeal, endures the ravages of war, rape, poverty, and AIDS, and yet he is able to keep a hopeful and even occasionally amusing outlook on life. Mugezi’s hard-won observations form a cri de coeur for a people shaped by untold losses.In his hugely impressive Abyssinian Chronicles Moses Isegawa renders the chaotic swirl of life in Uganda, from a lazy, remote village to the urban rush of Kampala. Containing within its 460 pages weddings, funerals, infidelities, public struggles with corrupt dictatorships (a section called “Amin, the Godfather”), and private struggles with God (“Seminary Years”), this is a first novel of epic ambitions. Narrated by Mugezi, the son of a man named Serenity and a woman named Padlock, Isegawa’s book is wild and decentered, moving swiftly and confidently from place to place, from character to character. It is the kind of book that says, just follow, trust me, all these names and passions will sort themselves out and make sense sooner or later. The prose itself bristles and cooks, with graceful transitions (“This time a year passed without hearing any news from Tiida”) and scenes lurching with activity. Isegawa, who was born in Uganda but now lives in the Netherlands, is a master of unexpected verbs and details. Here Mugezi

List Price: $ 16.00
Price: $ 7.80

The Abyssinian


ABYSSINIAN Cat (Cat Breeds with Pictures Quicklet)

ABYSSINIAN (Cat Breeds with Pictures Quicklet)

This is a must have little book for all cat lovers.

Cats are becoming more popular as pets and some people say they are the number one pets in the modern household. Domestic cat breeds like their wild cousins, are a fascinating mix of opposites. Cats make wonderful companions once you start understanding their subtle characteristics.

When you get better at understanding the needs of your feline friends, not only will you be able to take better care of them but also be able to love and nurture them for a long time.

In this Quicklet, we just focus on one single breed ABYSSINIAN. Their characteristics are broken down into following topics:

Main Features
History & Birthplace
Physical Features
Personality & Nature
Physical Activity Level
Social Interaction
Cleaning & Grooming
Health Problems
My Recommendation

Plus much more information to help you better interact with the ABYSSINIAN cat.


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